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There are various ways to reach the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is one of the most famous destinations in New york.

The address of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, New York, NY 10028.

The directions to the Met are a no-brainer, and any local can help you, considering it is one of the most prominent buildings in the city.

The museum is accessible in the following ways —

  • Tour Bus
  • Train
  • Walking
  • Car

By Bus/ Subway

If you are traveling via a Bus or a subway, the direction to the Met are as follow- 

If you are starting from the east side of Manhattan, take the 4, 5, or 6 train from the subway. Get off at 86th street from where Fifth Avenue is three blocks to the west.

If you are traveling via a bus, take the M1, M2, M3, and M4 buses along Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue. 

If you are traveling from the west side of Manhattan, the 1 train goes to 86th street.

From there, take the M86 crosstown bus across Central Park to Fifth Avenue.

Another way is to take the C train to the 81st train and board the M79 bus across the central park, which stops at Fifth Avenue. 

If traveling from Pennsylvania Station, take the M4 bus to 83rd street and Madison Avenue.

Otherwise, take the C local train, which opens at 81st street, and hop on the M79 crosstown bus, which stops at Fifth Avenue.

By Car

  1. From the Bronx, Northern New Jersey and New England 

If you are traveling from the Bronx, Northern New Jersey, and New England, take the Henry Hudson parkway to the exit of 96th street.

After that, you will need to cross Central Park and turn right onto Fifth Avenue.

There you will see the museum’s parking garage on 80th street. 

  1. From Brooklyn and Staten Island 

If you are traveling from Brooklyn and Staten island, we suggest you take either the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan bridge, Brooklyn bridge, or Battery tunnel headed towards FDR drive.

Exit at 96th street and drive onto York Avenue, after which you would need to turn right onto 86th and left on the Fifth avenue post.

You would reach 80th street, where the museum parking is situated.

  1. From the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, upstate New York, and New England 

Via the Robert F Kennedy bridge, take the FDR Drive to the 96th street exit and go onto York Avenue

From here, you’d have to cut right on Fifth Avenue and then enter the museum parking garage on 80th street.

If your starting point is Queens and Long Island via Queensborough, there are two levels you could use; one is to take a right lane exit onto 60th street.

By Sightseeing Tour Bus

New York City offers various hop-on hop off sightseeing tours, which include The Met as a stop. 

There are various exciting tours to make exploring New York fun.

Distance from Nearby attractions

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art is located in central New York, making it close to almost all the big attractions in the city.

Some of these attractions include

Nearby attractionsDistance from The MetTravel time
Central Park190 meters3 min
Guggenheim Museum550 meters7 min
American Museum of Natural History1.7 km5 min
Museum of Modern Art 3.3 km11 min
Grand Central3.4 km11 min
Times Square4.0 km14 min
Empire state building4.6 km15 min

If you wish to tour the Museum of Natural history and the Met on the same day, you can book the combo tour.

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