NYC: Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) – Guided Museum Tour


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has nearly as many visitors as other leading museums like the Louvre or the British Museum.

Ticket to The Met’s guided tour lets you skip the line and admire some of the most famous pieces with a knowledgeable guide.

With the metropolitan museum art tour ticket, you can learn about the history of the most extensive art collection in New York City by following your guide.

During the tour, you will begin at the lavish Great Hall before entering the main museum. 

You will visit the Medieval Europe gallery where the armory worn by Henry VIII is. 

Later visit the American wing, where the icon portrait of Washington crossing the Delaware River is.

In the European wing, look at the paintings of famous artists like Vermeer, Seurat and Van Gogh and learn about their lives.

Learn why this legendary American museum is different from its European counterparts

An English-speaking expert will accompany you on tour. The guide will share a mix of historical information, stories, and surprising details with you.

The guide will bring a personal touch to the tour by adding anecdotes and tips to make the time exciting.

The expert guides are there to serve your curiosity and create a dialogue so that the tour is more enjoyable as you go along. 

By the end of the Met guided tour, you will have learned so much that you might become an art expert yourself!

This Tour Includes:

  • A 2.5-hour guided tour of The Met
  • A professional art historian guide to help you discover various art pieces
  • You can choose between a private or semi-private tour of the museum 
  • Entrance fees of the Met

Tour price

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (18 years & above)$381
Youth ticket (10 to17 years)$101
Child ticket (up to 9 years)$80

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