There is only one way to enter this world-renowned museum, and that is via the Great Hall.

The Great Hall has been the main entrance to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more than a century. 

The steps of the Great Hall are one of the most popular photography sites among tourists. 

This is where you collect your tickets to The Met and meet your tour guide if you have booked The Met’s guided tour.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located east of Central Park between 79th and 84th Street.

One can reach the met via the subway, bus, car, or walking.

The museum is located at 1000 5th Ave, New York. 

The majestic entry to the 3rd most prominent museum opened in December 1902.

The Great Hall greets more than five million visitors each year. 

It was reported as “one of the finest in the world, and the only public building in recent years which approaches in dignity and grandeur the museums of the old world.”

With the formation of the grand entrance of The Met, at last, New York had a neoclassical palace of art.

Richard Morris Hunt, one of the founding trustees of The Metropolitan and the most fashionable architect of his day, designed the Great Hall.

Featured Image: NYtimes.com

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